collate data Vlookup?



I have my data entered on my accounts spreadheet each item being allocated a
job number , format 09/11, the first 2 digits being year and the second 2
digits being the job number that year.

I then have a separate workbook with a spreadsheet for each job number for
costing purposes. I already collate other data ie pay from 2 different
sources to these job number spreadsheets but wish to bring in the invoice
data as stored on my accounts spreadsheet to each individual job costing

Using VLOOKUP i can get the first entry for each job number to be read from
the accounts spreadsheet to the costing spreadsheet - I don't want to just
show a total value, I wish to see the same data as input into the accounts
spreadsheet to be used in a different way on the costing spreadsheet - how
can I "Lookup" more than one entry and get it transferred to the costing
spreadsheet or use another function. I currently use copying and pasting at
the moment.


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