coghead online database software?



I know this is a MS Access forum but does anyone know anything about this
I am interested in using Access (2007) and having some web connectivity to
use it. All posts here seem to indicate that it is possible with limitations
but problematic.
In reading posts, it looks like Allen Brown is using AJAX and is hitching
his wagon to the Adobe Flex platform.
This Coghead software apparently uses the Adobe Flex platform.
I am really starting out in the development/pondering stage for a smallish
medical database for a few physicians, myself included that would be
accessible from mulitple sites (office, home, hospital). I have spent alot
of time with various Access attempted projects and feel that I know it pretty
well and am comfortable with Access 2007. However, the web component is
daunting for me and I don't know if I should try to learn SQL Server or SQL
Express or use Share Point services or terminal services and use MS Access as
the front end.
I am tempted to dump MS Access and go with something that is geared for the
web like Coghead. It still looks like it is early on its development (e.g.
generating reports has issues) and not quite ready for prime time.

Norman Yuan

Unless you host the MS Access database on a terminal server or the network
connection between the sites is super fast (all optical fibre?) private
network, option of using MS Access as front end is out. You need to look
into viable web technologies (with MS, it is ASP.NET), where Access may be
still used as back end (but hardly a good choice, giving SQL Server Express
is free). I do not know Coghead, but it is only one of the web app options.
You need to know more web app and network to make sound decision.

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