Coditional Format


John Moore

Guys, I'm a little unsure how to complete this one. In the example below I
am trying to format cell A1 based on 3 criteria ,,, if cell C1 is less than
80% colour A1 red, if C1 is greater than 80% but less than 90% colour A1
yellow and if C1 is greater than 90% colour A1 green .... the Red and Green I
can get using the Formula Is box in the conditional format function ,, but
how do I get the "between" to work ??

1 13% 19% 68%




There is a hierarchy with Conditional Formatting - the first condition
takes precedence. So, make your first formula:

=C1>90% (set to green)

Second condition:

=C1>80% (set to yellow)

Third condition:

=AND(C1<80%,C1<>"") (set to red)

The last condition avoids the colour if the cell is empty.

You could use AND to specify a range of values, but by setting the
conditions in this order you can avoid that.

Hope this helps.



Hey John,

There is a problem in your description, what if C1 is exactly 80% or
90%? As described they would return no color.

Assuming you would like the crossovers to start at 80% and 90%, also
assuming your cell C1 is formatted as percentage, I believe your
Conditional Formats could be:

1st condition: =$C$1<0.8
2nd condition: =AND($C$1>0.79,$C$1<0.9)
3rd condition: =$C$1>0.89

Or to simplify, you could try:

1st condition: =$C$1<0.8
2nd condition: =$C$1<0.9
3rd condition: =$C$1>0.89

Since the first condition eliminates the need to restrict the lower
portion of the 2nd condition, the AND($C$1>0.79,_____) is not needed.
They both work for me, they should work for you.




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