Code 38 certificate errors


Richard P.

How do I resolve Code 38 certificate errors between Outlook 2007 and Exchange
2003? I have used the same settings and certificate used under XP / Office
Outlook 2003 and saved the certificate to the trusted store, but still get
the Code 38 error when on the Lan.

The certificate worked fine under the previous OS / Application pair but I
can't get it to work under this one.

Please help me save what little hair I have left!!

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

Is this a commercial cert or one you issued to the server? Does the domain
name on the cert exactly match the domain name used on the lan?

Richard P.

It is a self issued cert. The domain name on the cert matches the name on the
lan (and the external name). The client works externally but not on the lan

Would it be worth re-issuing a new certificate? I just don't want to destroy
the limited functionality I have at the moment or screw up the other XP /
2003 exchange clients that are happily working on the network.

Richard P.

I have also just checked the certificate on the server (and this client) and
the CN = record contains the correct hostnames (internal and external) in
both the Issuer and Subject fields ...

I have also checked that the certificate installed on the XP / 2003 clients
that work is the same as the one that is installed on vista / 2007.

Why would this (or any set up) work when the exchange server is being
accessed from an external location and fail on the lan?

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