COD2, cannot locate cd/dvd-rom



I am trying to run call Of Duty 2 on Vista Home Premium 32-bit on a newer
computer (Gateway Intel Duo Core E4300, Nvidia 8800 GTX, 2 MB Ram, all
drivers current). I previously was able to run it on XP, and this is the
first time I have tried to install it on Vista. After installing the game
and patching it to 1.3, I try to run it with Disk 1 in the DVD drive. i get
the following error message: Cannot locate the CD/DVD-Rom. Please insert the
correct CD/DVD-Rom, select OK, and restart application." Since the game runs
in XP, I know the disk is not bad and I am using the correct disk. I have
had this same exact problem with 2 other games: Madden 07 and Lego Star Wars
II. I was finally able to get those programs to work under vista, but it was
so long ago I forgot what i did to make them work right. I tried clicking on
the desktop icon and selecting to run in XP SP2 compatability mode, Run as
Administrator (first 1, then both changes), and didn't work. Also tried
uninstalling, removing from registry, and re-installing by also selecting the
comaptability and administrator modes on the setup.exe on the disk, and
didn't work. I know there is a fix out there as I was able to correct the
exact same problem with 2 other games, just can't remember what it was. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Mark Maylon

I had the same proble. i founf that my setting had to be run as admin but
compatibility mode off. now when i start the game it takes 2 or 3 min.
before it come up. I am running a 7900gs sli rig and i update the drives
every time they are avilable. not sure on the other two games I don't play
good luck!
Mark A.K.A (Cannon)


You HAVE to run it in WinXP compatibility mode to get over that 2 minute
wait (and also as Admin)

Go to

Go to "C" and download a "Fix" for COD2 and make it run without the CD in
the slot. Rename your old file .exe extension to .old before transferring
the game executable over so you do have the original .exe file to rename
back if you ever need to upgrade again.

That works fine and should overcome your problem. As you have the original,
this is quite legitimate.



Thabnks for the replies, guys, and the link....will give it a shot and report
back with the results.


I downloaded the file, but it is a .rar file...doesn't do anything. Dragged
over to where the .exe file is, and it still did nothing. Not sure what to
do next?

Pikey Joe

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Subject: Re: COD2, cannot locate cd/dvd-rom

I downloaded the file, but it is a .rar file...doesn't do anything. Dragged
over to where the .exe file is, and it still did nothing. Not sure what
do next?

You need winrar (or similar) to extract the file(s). Try this:

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