CMD "run as administrator" doesn't work



I received my new laptop with Vista earlier this week. The day I
received it, I was able to start a cmd prompt with "run as

I have loaded several software packages and last night there was a
larger number of updates installed.

Today, when I tried to start cmd with "run as administrator" - nothing
happens. I am able to start a normal cmd prompt with the same icon.

Any ideas on how I can get my cmd prompt to once again "run as

Any idea what might be preventing this?



I was having an issue where the "run as administrator" property checkbox was
grayed out on all exe files and any try to run as admin using right click was
not working either.

I turned on UAC (to troubleshoot a different issue) and I was able to set
and run exes as admin. Turning off UAC again disabled the option but kept
the setting where I had changed it in the file properties.

With that in mind, I would try messing with your UAC settings. Good luck.


search for cmd in start menu and then CTRL SHIFT ENTER, which will run it as


Keith Patrick

Do you have anything showing up in your Application and/or System event logs
that correspond to the time when you do this? Something should tell you why
it won't run, and the EL is a great hiding place for those kinds of things.'

R. C. White, MVP

Hi, nt8jbwu02.

There are several ways to "run as administrator", and you didn't say which
steps you tried. As a DOS user from way back, I'm a frequent user of the
Command Prompt window, both as Administrator and not. Here are some of the
methods I use.

First and most straightforward, click Start | All Programs | Accessories,
then right-click Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator.

Another way after right-clicking Command Prompt is to click Properties |
Compatibility. There is a checkbox for Run this program as an
administrator, but it might be greyed out. I've also added Command Prompt
to Quick Launch and pinned it to the Start menu.

The icon in QL defaults to Run as Administrator. To get that setting, I
right-clicked the icon, then Properties | Advanced and checked Run as

There are probably some other ways, but these should get you started.

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Mail in Vista Ultimate x64)

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