closing an excel worksheet inside vb .net


Bernie Yaeger

I have the following code fragment for opening and the closing excel in a vb app:
objxl = New Excel.Application

objwbs = objxl.Workbooks

objwb = objwbs.Add

objws = CType(objwb.Worksheets(1), Excel.Worksheet)

objwb.SaveAs(strpath, xlCSV)

objxl.DisplayAlerts = False


objxl.DisplayAlerts = True



My question is, how do you close opjws? The close method no longer exists.

Tx for any help.


Rob Bovey

Hi Bernie,

A Worksheet object doesn't have a close method. It's the objwb variable,
which represents an Excel.Workbook object, that you need to close. If the
objws variable is a local variable, you really don't need to do anything at
all, but if you want to explicitly release it for garbage collection then
add the following line to your code:

objws = Nothing

Rob Bovey, MCSE, MCSD, Excel MVP
Application Professionals

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How do you close a worksheet manually?! I don't think you need to
close/release the worksheet object in your code because you are only
setting a reference/pointer to it.

Bernie Yaeger

Hi Rob,

Thanks so much - not closing objwb was indeed my problem.
Tx again,

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