Cloning Raid5




3x400GB's RAID5 partitioned as follows (roughly)

150GB C: System
200GB D: Installations
450GB E: Storage

I cloned C: to an image on a separate hard drive

If i decide to re-do my raid from 5 to 0 (for performance) can i set up the
RAID 0 and then clone back the C:\ image from the old raid 5 configuration ?

I realise now after a couple of posts i made a mistake going the raid 5
I dont want to lose on performance by mirroring so i'm gonna go with
RAID0 and then perhaps gonna the EXBOOT product for redundancy

unlike some guy who claimed earlier i'm trying to promote the product, well
i'd just like someone
elses opionion that's all.


I had a similar situation switching from RAID 5 to a JBOD (don't ask
why, it was weird). I cloned my root directory to an external drive,
then put it over onto the JBOD (on a different machine). Worked just

I am a fan of RAID 5, but not for personal computing. My box at home
runs raid 1 (I hate losing stuff) but at work we have a SAN on raid 5,
and it is gorgeous. But too much work for home.

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