clipboard pastes wrong item




I have some cells in an EXCEL 2002 spreadsheet that I have neatly formatted
with borders, subscripts, bold lettering, etc, so it looks like a neat table.
I'm trying to copy these cells AS IS into an EXCEL chart, retaining the
exact appearance it has in the spreadsheet. The chart I'm pasting the table
into already has other data plotted in it. In order to retain the format
(borders, subscripts, etc.) that the table has in the spreadsheet I first
have to paste it into a blank MSWord page using "Paste special", then
selecting "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)". Then I copy it from MSWord into the
EXCEL chart using ctr+v. If I try to copy the formatted cells from the
worksheet directly to the chart, the format of the sheets (the border
shading, column widths, subscripts) gets changed, or sometimes EXCEL
automatically graphs the numbers in the table.

The problem happens when I paste the highlited cells from EXCEL into MSWord
using the "Paste special" then "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" sometimes it
pastes something else that was previously pasted onto the clipboard. I don't
know how to keep this from happening. This feature of EXCEL with a clipboard
that has multiple items is something I absoulutely don't need. Is there a way
I can turn this off? I want to turn off COMPLETELY the feature that stores
more than one item at a time on the clipboard, so when I paste from the EXCEL
spreadsheet to MSWord using "Paste special", then "enhanced metafile", it
pastes what I most recently copied to the clipboard in EXCEL.


Don Guillett

IF??? the table are the same and you are just changing the data, how about
this idea which just changes the value.


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