ClickOnce Install returns XML


John Price

I have deployed an application with ClickOnce Publish wizard to a web site.
But when I click web page Install button the web server just returns the
content of the .application file as XML to the browser on my own client.
I made a quick try on two other clients and it seems that they are capable
to interpret the web page correct .....

it is really a strange issue. trying the following command
line in cmd.exe:
rundll32.exe dfshim.dll,ShOpenVerbApplication

Note: replace
"" with
your clickonce application's deploy manifest URL.

With this we can determine if the client side's dfshim.dll works well with
the *.application files. However, even with dfshim.dll information, it is
still hard for us to troubleshoot out this issue. Maybe we need re-install
the Win2000 machine...

This works....

Ok, I think you may first download the *.application file to the local
disk, then double click this application file to do a test. Once your file
association is correct, it should display the clickonce checking dialog.

This works...

I think there is more of a problem here. I am getting the same results on
windows xp pro machines. I tried it on 3 different machines. The only
that is able to install the application from the publish.htm is windows 2003
server that the application was publish from.

But not an any (at least the 4 i've tried) xp pro machine...



This usually happens when the IIS is selecting .Net 1.1 to handle this
Just open the virtual directory properties, and on the ASP.Net tab select
..Net 2.0 to be used.

John Price

Thanks for that,

However, the remote server is a linux box and not under my control.

I believe its to do with mime types, but havent got to the bottom of it



You ar right. This is a mime problem. But the problem is that this mime type
should be configured on the server. Sorry, but I do not know much about linux
server, so I cannot help you further.

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