Click or Double Click Event



Hi all,

I'm making life complicated for myself as usual, with a single select
listbox which provides the openArgs for a pop-up form. I have code in the
afterUpdate event that deselects all lines if the user clicks on the
previously selected line. The user can then press a command button to open
said pop-up in data entry mode if no selection is made or edit the entry
relevant to the selected line.

Here's my problem - I also want the user to be able to double click the
listbox line to open pop-up, but the click event happens before the double
click event (obviously), which means if the user has clicked once to select
THEN goes to double click, the 1st click fires the after update event before
the click event, which deselects all lines and prevents the double click
event happening.

Is there a way to determine if it's a double click happening rather than
just a click in any event?

Or can anyone think of a way around this yet still maintaining functionality?



well, you could use two command buttons - one for the data entry mode, and
one for the "selected line" mode. or you could use the right-click event in
the listbox control to deselect all lines, leaving the double-click event


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