Click event not fired although SPY++ shows WM_PARENTNOTIFY



Hi All,

I have a custom DLL assembly, that has a .Click event. I attach the
click even to an event handler
mycontrolClick += new EventHandler(OnClick);

void OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)

The problem is that the OnClick is never fired. I tried tracing the
Windows messages using SPY++ and i found the following message is sent


and that the application received the message, but nothing happens.

I also tried capturing the WM_LBUTTONDOWN message in WndProc and still
if i click inside the control it never gets captured, but if i clicked
anywhere else on the form outside the control WndProc captures the

What can be the problem and if any help on how can i solve it i would
really appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks for your help in advance

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