Click and then ... double-click


Bob Howard

When the user double-clicks a control on which I have both OnClick and
OnDoubleClick events, does the OnClick event always fire first?

If so, is this optional (i.e., can I stop this from happening)?

If this is "just the way it is" ... does the OnClick event completely finish
processing before the OnDoubleClick event fires?

I use Access 2003...

Thanks folks!



So long as the double-click is quick enough I'm pretty sure the OnClick event
will not fire.

This is something you can test by setting a breakpoint in your OnClick
event. If code doesn't break when you double-click then you know it is not



I've never tried it myself so I was guessing Access would wait for a
double-click before executing the OnClick event...

I suppose you will have to use another control or event.

What exactly are you trying to do?
Maybe we can suggest something else for you...


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