Clean install XP, what drivers?


Ben Pope

Kenny said:
Asus A7N8X (non deluxe) m/b, not sure which revision but think it's
an older one, can I find out without opening case?
I am planning a format & re-install of XP Pro, If I install the
driver pack here:
is this all I need? Do I still need to run the CD which came with

Those drivers are somewhere between the nVidia 2.00 release and the nVidia
2.03 release. There are numerous problems with them.

Install the latest drivers from nVidia.

I have links for all the Deluxe drivers on my site, most of them do not
apply to you.

Install these, if nothing else.

Oh, and throw your CD away, unless you get REALLY stuck (i.e., without
network drivers/connection)



Assuming your XP CD is pre service pack 2, you can also make a new XP Pro
installation CD with SP2 integrated. Speeds up the install if you're
already at SP2 the first time around. Go here for info: .

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