Clean BCM database



When I ran Manage Email Auto-Linking >> Search and Link... option, it
searched my emails and attached them to the business contact. The problem is
it found the same email is several folders and attached each of them.
Therefore I have several copies of the same email attached to me contacts.

1) is there a way to delete multiple entries in database if the data,
subject, sender, etc is all the same?

2) During Search and Link, can you limit the search to one folder in my
email database?




1) Change the history view to "linked to" then sort by the desired column.
You can then highlight multiple history items using SHIFT or CTRL, then
click Remove.

2) In the "Manage E-mail Auto Link" dialog box, Select the "Folders" tab
(located at the top near "Email") and select the folders you want to use for
the Search & Link process. Do this before clicking the "Search & Link"

Hope this helps...

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