Choose the email account when sending emails via VBA



Hi everybody,

As I wrote in an earlier post, I have 3 email accounts and use OL2003.
I have several rules which replies automatically to different senders using
different templates. The problem is that the reply uses the default email
account when sending even though I get the initial email through another

The question is: can I somehow determine the incoming account from the
messages received and then reply automatically through the same account? I
hope this can be done with VBA.

Thanks again in advance for your kind reply.





To specify the From: field using VBA, you can use the MailItem properties
..SenderEmailAddress or .SenderName. You will first have to get the correct
address by searching your 3 addresses in the To: and Cc: field in the
original email using properties .CC and .To.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Both of the properties you mention, along with SenderEmailType are read-only
for the Outlook object model and cannot be set in code.

You can use SentOnBehalfOfName in the Outlook object model.

If you are using Extended MAPI or Redemption (
you can set SenderName or SenderEmailAddress, but not using the Outlook
object model.



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

And in Outlook 2007 you can use the MailItem.SendUsingAccount property.

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