Child Domain - Deleted Root Hints - Forwarder Needed?

Aug 16, 2006
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Hi all,

I have been looking at how to correctly set up a child domain in regards DNS, and have managed it by creating both a delegation and a stub zone to achieve this.

So I now have 2 domains, and

Microsoft Best Practice (I have heard) is to remove root hints that come as default on Child DNS server, and instead create a . root record pointing to the parent domain's DNS

This works fine as well, and I would like to use this as to resolve upwards in that tree, but when I remove the forwarder, which is to the parent domain DNS as well, internet resolutions timeout

Shouldn't child domain DNS, that has root zone . pointed at parent domain's DNS server, work without the forwarding?

Just a question, to help me understand the process some more please

Cheers now

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