checking multiple fields for a requested date



I need to check for a date in three fields use the following [Please enter a
date:] in the criteria field. The fields are Date1 Date2 and Date3. I
need to print a report showing the fields.
Example record 1 date1 6/11/2005 date2 6/12/2005 date3 6/13/2005
record 2 date1 6/10/2005 date2 6/11/2005 date3 6/12/2005
record 3 date1 5/24/2005 date2 5/29/2005 date3 6/11/2005
The report would only reflect the 6/11/2005

[MVP] S.Clark

I can't discern what the actual question is here, so forgive me if I ramble
around a little.

If you put the parameter in all three date fields, then you will be required
to enter all three dates, or the query will return no records. (unless you
use some wildcard operators in the query.)

Reports are based on tables or queries, so use the query name as the

You may want to list your table(s) structure for a more exact answer.

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