Checking for existing contacts in a ADP



I’m looking for a way to avoid duplicate contacts in an Access Project. In a
MDB I would use a parameter query. I’m a newbie to ADP and can’t seem to
find much documentation. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Sylvain Lafontaine

The newsgroup for ADP is m.p.a.adp.sqlserver. By taking a look at the
previous posts, you should find there a lot of information about ADP.

In your case, you can either use the DLookup function in the same way as in
MDB file or use the CurrentProject.Connection object to make queries against
the SQL-Server. The CurrentProject.Connection is an ADO object; you will
find a lot of information about ADO on the m.p.a.modulesdaovba.ado and the newsgroups (and in mpa.adp.sqlserver as well) and on the

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