checkbox on form not working



I have a form record source based on a parameter query. The query
pulls back all payroll hours based on Location and Date From to Date

It is continuous form. So the user looks at a weeks worth of payroll.
I have a checkbox at the end of each row of data. This is to 'submit'
so when checked it means they have verified this entry or record and
are submitting it to HR for the employee to be paid.

The checkbox control source is a field in the back end table. When I
have the form set to Data Entry = yes , the form shows no records
being pulled in. When I set to = no then I see all the records, but
the checkbox can't be checked.

Does anyone know why this is? I am stuck. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks.

Ken Snell MVP

Check the AllowEdits property of the form. It must be Yes.

Also, what is the query's SQL statement that is the form's RecordSource. It
may be a nonupdatable query, which means you cannot use the form to update
the data/checkbox.

An updatable query allows you to edit existing data or to add new records or
to delete existing records when the query is open in datasheet view. A
nonupdatable query will not let you do any of these things, and if you build
a form based on such a query the form also will not let you do such things.

See these articles for information about what can make a query nonupdatable
(watch for line-wrapping):

When can I update data from a query?

Harnessing the Power of Updatable Queries

ACC2000: Cannot Edit or Update Record on a Form;en-us;209571&Product=acc

ACC2000: Status Bar Displays "Recordset Not Updateable" Message When You Try
to Update a Linked Table;en-us;304179&Product=acc

INFO: Troubleshooting Errors That May Occur When You Update Data in Queries
and in Forms;en-us;328828&Product=acc

ACC: Update Query Based on Totals Query Fails;en-us;116142&Product=acc

Additionally, Allen Browne (MVP) has information about updatable and
nonupdatable queries:


the first thing to do is check to see if the query's recordset is
updateable. to do that, open the query directly from the database window
(*not* by opening the form) and try checkmarking the box in one of the
records. if it works, then probably the problem is in the form. but if you
can't edit a record in the query, then the problem is in the query, and
probably the form is fine.

re the form's DataEntry setting: that setting specifically excludes
existing records from being displayed, each time a form is opened. multiple
records may be added in a single session, and they will be visible and
available for editing, but when the form is closed and then re-opened, once
again no existing records are displayed. for more information on the
DataEntry form property, read up on it in Access Help.


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