Checkbox further issues...



Last week I posted information on how to include the checkbox "true" results
only in my report in which I thought all was fine. I included the "owned"
field in my qry and put Yes in the criteria field. I run the report and get
the information I need but the problem now seems to be on my main form. I
have combo boxes (unbound)which are based on a table/query (qrycompanies) and
then I have text boxes (unbound) to do searches of either company names or
client names and the problem is now that I have added the new field to the
query my text boxes where I do the searches are not working and the combo
boxes are not automatically populating with the information selected from the
drop down list. It obviously has to do with the query revision as when I
take out the field that I added, it all works properly again. But the text
boxes aren't based on the query they only have event procedures so I am a
little confused. I want to be able to use this field...



Steve Sanford

After reading the previous thread, I couldn't tell if you are using one query
for both the form and the report or if you have two queries.

Try making a copy of the query. In the query for the form, remove the
checkbox. Leave the checkbox in the query for the report. Set the
recordsource for the report to query with the checkbox.


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