Chart - Variable Series Collection




I have a set of data that is linked to a chart. The range occupied by the
data is variabe and I have code that find the new range and updates the
Series Collection of the Chart.

The code for setting the series collection is similar to this in that the
chart is activated before being changed.
Sheet1.Chartobjects("Chart 1).activate
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "=Sheet1!R3C2:R11C2"

This works, but the problem is that the workbook needs to be shared and thus
the charts cannot be activated.
Does anyone know how to refer to the SeriesCollection values without
activating the chart first?

Many thanks in advance.



Peter T

Only rarely is it necessary to Select or Activate anything,

With Sheet1.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Chart
.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "=Sheet1!R3C2:R11C2"
' other stuff, eg .SeriesCollection(1).XValues =
End With

Maybe you could use a Dynamic Named Range instead, no code

Peter T


Thanks Peter,

I knew there must be a way.

I'm interested in being able to do this without code, but don't know much
about dyamic ranges.

Basically the range that the chart is created from has a set number of
columns each representing a project and the rows represent the people. These
people then enter the hours spent in the appropriate project.

However, not all the projects are wanted in the chart so I've used a cell
above each column header to indicate whether it's included. Potentially any
combination of columns can be included and I haven't found a way of
non-programmatically finding out which columns to include.



Peter T

When I suggested Dynamic Named Ranges I had in mind the usual way to adjust
the amount of data that will be displayed in a given series, eg to cater for
new data added in new rows or to 'zoom' into a portion of the data. There
must be hundreds of threads in the ng's about how to create such a Name, but
providing you can use the Offset function that's basically all you need to
remember, oh and include the name in a series formula like this -
"myFile.xls!namedRange" to replace the cell reference.

However, for your needs of adding new series and data (& removing?), Names
are not going to help in the same way. If you've already got the logic of
how to programmatically add (& Delete) series, and perhaps change the
plotorder, you are probably just as well to stick with what you've got.

Alternatively and if it fits overall, maybe you can plot all columns but
data in the "don't plot" series would be Nulls. You'd need helper columns
with formula something like this


and plot the formula cells rather than the original data cells.

Peter T

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