Chart --> Source Data... --> Series dialog window



On the Source Data --> Series dialog window in MS Excel 2003 , the
marker_order_number is the only piece of a series formula


that is not available for editing. Selecting a series on the chart can
often be very difficult if the values are zero or very small relative to the
values in the other series, so I regularly edit series formulas via the
Source Data --> Series dialog window. As it is currently, the only way to
change the display order for multiple series is to select a series on the
chart so that the series formula is displayed in the formula bar and then
manually edit the formula for each series that needs to move. I would like
to be able to edit the marker_order_number by selecting a series on the
Source Data --> Series dialog window and then clicking a "Move Up" or "Move
Down" button. This would be especially helpful when working with 10 or more
series. (By the way, I have charts with 25, 102, and 120 series.)

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Andy Pope


You are aware that the "Move up" and "Move down" option is available on
Series Order tab of the Format dialog. Just double click a series to
bring up the dialog. You can change the order of all, similar chart type
within the same axis, group at once.



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