chart combinations



I am trying to make a chart that contains floating bars that represent a high
and a low. Then I would like to add many points that fall between the highs
and lows. any suggestions?

Jon Peltier

For the floating bars, you need four columns. Column A is for the category
labels, Column B is the minimum value, column D is the maximum value, and
column C has a formula that computes the difference (e.g., =D2-B2). Make a
stacked column chart with the data in columns A through C. Double click on
the bottom series in the stack, and format it with no borders and no fill to
make it invisible.

For the points, you need two more columns. In column F you need the X values
for the points. For the first category use 1, for the second use 2, etc. In
column G put the Y values for the points. Copy the data in columns F and G,
select the chart, and use Edit menu > Paste Special to add the data as a new
series, with category values in the first column. This adds another set of
columns, stacked on the others. Select this set of columns, go to Chart menu
Chart Type, and choose XY. Then go to Chart menu > Chart Options > Axes
tab, and uncheck the secondary value axis box.

- Jon

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