Chart and date data



I’ve been having some troubles with Excel 2003 (SP2) chart.
I’ve to do a chart which the x axis is date type data and in which the same
date has several values. Even the date table has some gaps: 1st cell:
01-01-2006; 2nd:02-01-2006; 3rd: 13-01-2006; 4th: 14-01-2006, etc

Now what is happening is if I just insert data on the Y axis and nothing on
the X axis, I’ve got a completely different chart than if I add also the
dates on the X axis.
I need the chart result as the same without the dates on, but I do need to
put them there.

I’m using a standard chart type – the line.
This is a sample of the data I’m using:

75,6 |01-01-2007
32,1 |01-01-2007
7,6 |02-01-2007
0 |02-01-2007
9,4 |03-01-2007
71,8 |09-01-2007
0,8 |09-01-2007
0,8 |09-01-2007
2 |15-01-2007
0 |15-01-2007
Usually which date has a correspondence of at least 30 values, and the
average total cells are around 20000.

Can you u help me up?. I’ve been fight this for a long time… I’m considering
going for VBA programming.


hey Smartin!

the x-y chart will give me the same graphical distribution as using a chart
with date on the x axis.
If u insert into a excel sheet the data i provided in the previous post and
make 3 chart, 1st one without date on the x axis, the 2nd with (for this 2
charts use a line chart) and the third as a x-y chart (using number as y axis
and x as date), i guess u easily see that the best one to consult is the
first one.

can you remenber any other solution without be programming on VBA?


THAT'S it!!!..terrific!!..
man, i've been thinking on this for a couple of days, and now you with a
simple check-box solve my problem..
that a mixture of embarassment and relief:)..thanks!!

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