Character Styles - switch back to para style?



Hi there

I need to define a number of styles. In one, I am using character
styles for the following situation:

The paragraph starts with text in bold and a specific typeface and then
runs straight on, without a carriage return, into a non-bold different
type face.

These styles work fine. However, when I then want to insert another
paragraph style for the following paragraph, e.g. a heading, the style
retains some of the format of the character style (colour & typeface),
as though it isn't being switched off. Is there a way to switch off
the character style somehow?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Margaret Aldis

Ctrl - Spacebar will reset to 'Default paragraph font' - this removes any
character style. You can also add 'Default paragraph font' as a button to
your toolbars.

However, if you could use a character style to apply the bold text (e.g. the
built-in Strong style), but have the non-bold typeface coming from the
paragraph style, then you wouldn't have the problem of a character style
continuing onto the next paragraph.

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