chapter & page numbers in index



Hello word users. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
I am having difficulty getting the chapter number (or Section Number in my
words) to appear in the Index of a Master Document. I am wanting a listing
in the index like:
Apples, Section 1.5.6 Page 4
Grapes, Section 2.4.5 Page 35
Introduction, Section 1 Page 1

My Master document is about 250 pages in length with about 35 subdocuments.
At the beginning of each Section I re-set the page numbering to 1. I can't
get the Index Switches to work - I think that's what I'm having problems
with. What I'm getting in the Index is like the following:
Apples, 1-1
Grapes, 0 page 35
Introduction, 0 page 1

Note the word "Page" & the number 0 above. I've made my sections simply by
using the numbered headings. These work well in the document itself, but I
can't seem to get the Index to reference them. Is there a difference between
Heading levels and Levels and Chapters? Many thanks.


Thanks, Barb, for the info. Yes, I understand only one request is necessary
& apologise! I had a message pop up saying my post had failed.

However, to the question at hand... can you suggest a method for identifying
page numbers in Headings additional to Heading 1, such as 2.3.4 page 4 etc.
I undrstand the points from John McGhie's paper of the risk of multiple
chapters, but the manual I am writing is for use in places where computers
are non-existant and transport costs are significant. Any help would be

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