Changing the original setup for an inventory sheet


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I am making an inventory of ceramic molds. Over 7000 of them. I had a
friend set up the original format for the sheet. When that was done, it
counted 4 spaces for my top setup. So now when I enter the inventory the
count is off by 4. It orginally worked ok, because I used the numbers
starting at 4 and then my count was 1 but now it erases my numbering and goes
with the sheet's number. Can anyone help?

Cathy with a C in Ohio




No promises. Send me a copy of the worksheet and explain what it is that
you need done, and point out where entries are incorrect, and what the
correct value should be (just a few examples, not all 7000).
Send to (remove spaces)
Help [email protected] JLatham Site. com

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