Changing the link to an external text file?


Maury Markowitz

I have a file that I link to in my MDB. The drive it's on is going
away, and I'd like to change the location. Right now it's "L:\downloads
\temp\thefile.csv", but I want to move that to my new O: drive. I
can't seem to find any way to edit the path though.

Is there a trick to this?




Barbara Shapiro

Under Database Tools, use Linked Table Manager. Select the file, click OK.
When it doesn't find it in the expected location, a window will pop up for
you to locate it on the new drive.



Douglas J. Steele

You either need to go through the Linked Table Manager (where that is
depends on what version of Access you're using), or relink using VBA code,
or delete the table and re-add it from its new location.

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