Changing the data label position below the chart axis.



I'm charting some percentages. Many of them are negatives, but not all. The Y
axis in my chart is more in the middle, instead of on the bottom, as with
normal charts that have all positive numbers. The data labels are overlapping
some of bars in the chart that are negatives. I can't get the data labels to
move any further south. I've already changed the 'data label distance from
axis' to the maximum of 1000. The data labels are still overlapping. Is there
anything else I can try? The chart looks terrible with the labels partially
on the negative bars, please help!



Andy Pope


You question is a little confusing, mainly to do with the terminology.
The Y axis is normally the vertical value axis but I think you are
describing the X axis.
Also you mention data label but again I think you are referring to the axis

If my assumptions are correct this should help.




Mario Callegaro

Andy is right, I had the same problem and the data label distance does
not do the trick because it is not designed to do that.

In Excel 2007 Right click on the axis title (x axis) and you'll get
the Format axis menu.
Then you go to the axis option tab (first one from the top) and down
the bottom you have 3 drop down menus.
The last one is called Axis labels. Select 'Low" and you are done!


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