Changing system folders with winnt.sif?

Jun 11, 2009
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Can other system folders, such as AppData, Local AppData, NetHood, Personal (My Documents), Cookies, Cache (Temporary Internet Files), Desktop, SendTo, Start Menu, Programs, Startup, Favorites, History, Fonts, My Pictures, PrintHood, and Wallpaper, be redefined using winnt.sif in an unattended installation or just TargetPath, ProgramFilesDir, CommonProgramFilesDir, and ProfilesDir? I found a freeware program that will change them after installation/before first logon with a .reg file, but encountered the following difficulties with this method:
1) while the unattended install (by way of virtual machine) had no problems changing ProfilesDir to C:\ProFiles through winnt.sif, the .reg file created a second set of all folders using the %USERPROFILE% variable- e.g., C:\ProFiles\RenamedDesktop along with C:\Profiles\Desktop;
2) I wanted to move Fonts, PrintHood, and Wallpaper out of %SYSTEMROOT% folder (which is too "crowded" for my tastes), but the unattended install simply ignored the new paths; and,
3) the new paths are written in the .reg file as hex values, which means to edit non-working values (such as for Fonts, PrintHood, and Wallpaper mentioned above), I either have to convert ascii to hex or run the program each time I want to try a new path.

If this can be done, then do the changes go in the [Unattended] section or the [GuiUnattended] section of winnt.sif or does it matter? Does one use the %USERPROFILE% and\or %SYSTEMROOT% variables or something else?

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