Changing Port of RDC disables RDWC


Jan Matejka

Is there a workaround for the following problem? I originally set up Remote
Desk Connect (RDC) to work on my XP pro machine. I followed the advice of
others and Microsoft knowledge base instructions on how to change the
listening port of RDC from 3389 to another port number to make it a little
more secure. The theory goes,that everyone knows that RDC uses 3389 by
default, so by changing it you are less vunerable. I then was able to
connect remotely by adding the new port number to the end of the ip address
in the RDC client in the remote machine. No problems so far. But I also
wanted to utilize RemoteDesktop Web Connect (RDWC) in case my remote
computer would not allow me to install the RDC client. Here's the problem
however... RDWC does not connect if RDC host been changed from 3389 to any
other port. So in essence, if I am concerned about leaving port 3389 open,
I have to use RDC on a different port but then I can NOT use the RDWC method
of connecting. I'd like to configure BOTH of these methods to utilize ports
other than the default settings...



Sooner Al

You need to either modify the generic 'default.htm' file or download and use this one...

The new/edited default.htm file is installed on the PC your running IIS on...Here is the path...


Either way, make sure you make a copy of the original file before replacing it...

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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