Changing input range of a combo box crashes Excel



I've never had this issue before, but it's causing me some headaches. I have
a number of combo boxes as part of a worksheet to ensure data input is
consistent. I need to make some changes to the worksheet, but each time I try
to amend the input range of the combo boxes, Excel stalls then crashes. No
descriptive error message is displayed, just the 'Excel needs to close ... do
you wish to recover' box.

I am using Excel 2003, the combo boxes were created using the Forms toolbar.
The cell link is on the same worksheet, while the input range is on a
separate worksheet within the same workbook.



I have a similar problem and I think that it has to be due to some sort of
updates - hopefully someone can explain what to do in order to make this work
again - I really need to have this solved - better yesterday than tommorow



I am having the same issue on trying to update a range, Pivot tables i
created in the last 10 days do not seem to be affected but on the tables
where the ranges are updated monthly, they are all crashing. I have enlisted
the help of out IT group, if you hear anything, please post the fix.

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