Changing font color in all the slides at once?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Powerpoint' started by Brucefl, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Brucefl

    Brucefl Guest

    Tryin to change the font color in all the slides at once?
    I can click edit and select all but there is no way to chancge the font

    You have to do them one at a time, even if you use the paint brush to color

    Is there a way to select all the slides, and change either the color or the
    type of font, all at once?

    Brucefl, Apr 6, 2004
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  2. Brucefl

    TAJ Simmons Guest

    TAJ Simmons, Apr 6, 2004
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  3. Brucefl

    Brucefl Guest

    All we do is a new pp, then just do the slides, do a back ground and add the
    text as we go along. It may have a colored back ground but the fonts don't
    look right, so we are trying to change just the color of the font"

    "TAJ Simmons" <> wrote in message
    > Bruce,
    > Either change the color scheme
    > Or edit the slide master (assuming the text in question is following the

    slide master)
    > View > Master > Slide Master
    > Cheers
    > TAJ Simmons
    > microsoft powerpoint mvp
    > awesome - powerpoint backgrounds,
    > free powerpoint templates, tutorials, hints and tips etc
    Brucefl, Apr 6, 2004
  4. [CRITICAL UPDATE - Anyone using Office 2003 should install the critical
    update as soon as possible. From PowerPoint, choose "Help -> Check for


    | All we do is a new pp, then just do the slides, do a back ground and add
    | text as we go along. It may have a colored back ground but the fonts don't
    | look right, so we are trying to change just the color of the font"

    If you have been using the Text and line (color scheme position #2) and
    Title text (color scheme position #4) colors from the current color scheme
    for the text in your presentation, you can still change the color for all
    the text in your presentation without affecting anything else (as long has
    you haven't been using cololr scheme position #2 and #4 colors for other
    items in the presentation). Simply edit the color scheme in such a way
    that you only change the #2 and #4 color scheme position colors for your

    Appropriate use of color scheme positional colors when authoring a
    presentation can make it much easier to make, quick, wholesale changes to a
    presentation (change text color, change chart colors, change background
    color, etc.). But the more you stray away from the use of the color scheme
    positional color palette (exceptions) the harder it is to make wholesale
    changes to a presentations colors. PowerPoint allows both approaches so
    that authors can be as creative as they want or to just do things quickly
    and allow PowerPoint's design features (design templates, color schemes) to
    allow quickly adjusting the look of a presentation after it has been
    created with the confidence that you won't end up with something like dark
    text on a dark background (which would not be readable).

    If the presentation authors took the more "creative" approach to formatting
    the text in the presentation (didn't use the color scheme but, instead,
    created "exceptions" the scheme) you will not be able to quickly adjust the
    color of all text in the presentation by simply changing the color scheme
    and, instead, the changes must be made manually for each slide or you could
    write a macro to help automate the process.

    Some more details about Color Schemes and Designs.

    By default, fill color and line color defaults are derived from the color
    scheme for each slide. And, for well authored designs, the title and
    placeholder text also follow the color scheme because the author has made
    that choice while editing the design/master. The benefit of this is that
    if, later on, you change your design or color scheme, the text and drawing
    colors that follow the color scheme will automatically adjust so that you
    don't end up with something like a black line on a black background. If,
    however, you change color (single object or default formatting)
    irrespective of the recommended color scheme color you might not end up
    with the desired results if/when you change the design or color scheme for
    a slide or presentation. Of course PowerPoint provides for both scenarios
    so that the author can choose, when formatting drawings or text, whether or
    not the color will or will not change with changes to the color scheme (by
    whether or not you use the scheme or not when chosing colors).

    Each design ships with a number of pre-defined color schemes but you can
    edit the schemes and add your own custom schemes to a presentation or
    design to change your color defaults. Just search the help files or online
    help for the term "Color scheme" and several topics will be suggested
    explaining how color schemes work, how to use them, how to edit them, etc.

    Color Schemes have been around since the early days of PowerPoint and are
    an extremely powerful tool once you understand how they are used in

    If you (or anyone else reading this message) feel strongly about any
    specific enhancement requests color management (schemes, palettes,
    defaults) in PowerPoint, don't forget to send your feedback to Microsoft at:

    It's VERY important that, for EACH wish, you describe in detail, WHY it is
    important TO YOU that your product suggestion be implemented. A good wish
    submssion includes WHAT scenario, work-flow, or end-result is blocked by
    not having a specific feature, HOW MUCH time and effort ($$$) is spent
    working around a specific limitation of the current product, etc. Remember
    that Microsoft receives THOUSANDS of product suggestions every day and we
    read each one but, in any given product development cycle, there are ONLY
    sufficient resources to address the ones that are MOST IMPORTANT to our
    customers so take the extra time to state your case as CLEARLY and
    COMPLETELY as possible so that we can FEEL YOUR PAIN.

    IMPORTANT: Each submission should be a single suggestion (not a list of

    John Langhans
    Microsoft Corporation
    Supportability Program Manager
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint for Windows
    Microsoft Office Picture Manager for Windows

    For FAQ's, highlights and top issues, visit the Microsoft PowerPoint
    support center at:
    Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base at:

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Use of any included script samples are subject to the terms specified at
    John Langhans [MSFT], Apr 9, 2004
  5. Brucefl

    Guest Guest

    Bruce, I can help you with this. I had the same problem. First off you have to work up your slides in Master view. Then when you want to change the color of the font you go back into the master slide and change it from there. If the presentation was not first worked up in Master View this wont work. Try this and let me know if this helps. Alice
    Guest, May 2, 2004
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