Changing Exchange Email Accounts


Jeff Sutton

I used to work for companyA where they used exchange and I use outlook 2003.
I now work for companyB where they also use exchange and I want to use my
same version of outlook 2003. I don't need "active" access to my companyA
email, but I want to keep a copy of these emails just in case. I also do not
want by companyA and companyB emails "mixed together". I'm afraid if I just
go to tools-email accounts-change and change the name of my exchange server
and mailbox that the companyB emails will just "dump" into my inbox.

I have an outlook.ost file right now where all of my companyA email data is
stored. If I move this file to another directory, and then change my
exchanger server/mailbox will a "new" outlook.ost file be created where my
companyB email can be stored ?

Any help or direction that can be provided is greatly appreciated.

Thanks !


neo [mvp outlook]

Export your emails out of the company A .ost to a .pst right now. The
reason why is if something breaks the outlook profile, you will never get
back into the company A .ost file.

As for direction, you should create a new mail profile via the mail applet
in the control panel. (use show profiles button then add button. Create a
new mail profile which in turn will create a new .ost)

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