Changing entire row based on 1 MAX cell value (Conditional Formatt



I have a spreadsheet that has several row with number value going across; I
only want to find the max in one column going down and if its the max number
I want to change the entire row to be say green for max or red for min. Ex:
A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
A2 Voyager- Titanium $319 $50 $200 $200 $119
A3 Samsung Saga $400 $70 $270 $270 $130
A4 Palm Centro $284 $70 $120 $120 $164
A5 Blackberry Curve $366 $70 $150 $170 $196

F1 is the cell that I am wanting to find the max and have the entire row
change color based on the max value 196 in column F only. Does anyone know
how would enter this as a formua in the condition formula text box?


In your example, row 1 is empty and it appears that the data is within the
range of A2:F5.
Try this.
Select A2:F5
Set Conditional Formatting to use a Formula
Set the formula as “=$F2=MAX($F$2:$F$5)†without quotes
Set the ‘Pattern’ or ‘Fill’ (depending on your version) to the color of your

If this helps, please click on the [Yes] button.

Shane Devenshire


See the answer in your previous posts. However, note that the max of 1 cell
is that cell? We are all assuming you are looking for the max in column F,
if not please explain more clearly. If that is what you are looking for this
question has been answered in previous posts.

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