Changing DVD burner is not recognized / DVD burning speed is the old


Jeff Korn

Under Win2000/WinXP I replaced an older but working DVD burner with DVD+RW writing speed 4x
by a newer DVD+RW burner with writing speed 8x.

However when I use the new DVD burner (LG GSA 4163B) with Nero burning software
I did not get a faster burning. The write speed and time is the same as with the old DVD burner.

It seems to me that either Nero software or Windows does not recognize the DVD replacement.

Do I really have to re-intall Nero again?

Is there a manual way of telling Windows "Hey OS, look, there is a new faster burner?"

Offically there is no separate driver (aside from the standard one in Windows) needed
for the new DVD burner. So it shouldn't be a driver problem.

Reading a DVD+RW is slow as well. I need approx 30 Minutes to read/copy a full DVD+RW to harddisc.

Is this normal ? Is there a way to speed up the reading?

Maybe I need to change something in the BIOS ???



Perhaps the media you are trying to burn too is only rated 4x. That would
impact it. Nero usually only writes how fast the disk can be burnt to.

Yves Leclerc

few things to check:

1) Was the Nero burning software a bundled version with your old drive? If
yes, you need to remove it and install the one included with the 4163B unit.
Bundled versions are OEM and may be locked to the drive the software was
delivered with.

2) Have you installed the Ultra DMD IDE drivers and made sure the 4163B
drive is set for 'Use DMA" and not PIO?

3) What is the speed rating for the DVD+RW media?

4) What firmware is the GSA-4163B drive using? The latest official
firmware is A105 and is available for download on LG's web site.

For more help, head over to

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