Changing dbo in a ADP



I have an Access 2003 ADP that connects to a Microsoft 2000 SQL Server.
I changed the owner of some of the tables/views/functions in the SQL
database but when I attempt to access these tables, the ADP can not
access them, looking for the table with the old owner in the qualified

It is very strange since even some of the ADODB queries I use, with the
fully qualified table name is still trying to access the table with the
old owner.

I can not see how to change the ADP to recognize to new owner on

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



make everything assigned to dbo unless you need to

via TSQL (you can make a sproc out of this for example)

you can run sp_changeobjectowner

if you ever need to find system stored procs like this; you can look
for them in master.dbo.sysobjects

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