Excel Changing chart label colors based on a value in a cell

Oct 31, 2017
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I have an Excel bar chart for the number of missed calls by Sanitation District. I have a table linked to a cell with a % variable that can be changed and shows what the current missed calls would be if reduced by the %age in the cell. I would like the label color for the chart for the number of current missed calls for each district to turn red if the current number of missed calls is greater than the total in the "variable" table. Confused yet?

If, for example, when the reduction variable of 5% is applied and changes District 1's calls from 400 in Oct last year to an expected 380 for Oct this year but the total for Oct this year is really 385 I want the label for Oct this year (Oct this year is > 380) then I want the 385 label to be red.

I probably haven't explained this very well but one thing's for sure: It would be a lot easier if Excel 2016 would allow conditional formatting to be applied to a chart label.

Fingers crossed folks....


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