Changing Border buttons on the toolbar



Is it possible to change the default buttons that appear in the Border
drop-down box/Border floating menu?

There are some default buttons I've never used, such as the double line on
the bottom with the single line on the top.

I'd like to be able to remove these buttons I never use and replace them
with buttons for borders that I use a lot, such as diagonal lines running
from corner to corner forming an X though the cell.

Or maybe just to change the weight of the line that makes up the border
without having to right-click, select borders, redraw the border, and then go
back to the worksheet.

Is it possible to do this so my custom borders can be placed into the Border
Menu/Drop-down Box?

Oh, BTW, it seems I can add certain single lines to the menu using Tools >
Customize > Commands, but those lines each have to be drawn individually and
they don't appear in the "Auto border button" next to the drop-down arrow.

Any easy fixes?




Fozzie Bear;

I don't know if what you are trying to do is possible, but you can place any
button you want onto the toolbar. Right click on a blank toolbar area and
select Customize>Command Tab>Format. You may have to scroll down a bit to get
to what your looking for. If you draw a lot of borders, add the border
toolbar. This lets you place what you want where you want it.

God Bless

Frank Pytel

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