Changes on Chart



I am aware that any change in the data table will automatically changes the
linked chart, is there any programm in Excel that can do this the other way
around, i.e that gives the possibility of changing the shape of the chart on
the chart itself rather than on the data table so that data table changes
automatically with the change on the shape of the graph?



Andy Pope


In older version of excel, not xl2007, the chart had a goal seek
function. You could grab a point and move it in either the horizontal or
vertical plane. The linked cell would automatically be updated.

For an xy-scatter chart you would need to select the series and then
select a point. The cursor should then change to the 4-ways arrow
allowing you to now click and drag the point.

You can also use the same approach on most chart types. Radar and Area
do not appear to work.


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