Change made to masters didn't show up on ONE slide.




I created 7 slides using the same design template with PPT version 2003.
Slide #1 had content layout and slide #3 had title only layout. The rest had
title/text layout.

I clicked view, master, slide master and changed the background color (via a
semi-transparent rectangle) of both the slide master and the title master.
While in the master view, I positioned the cursor over the thumbnails and got
the following info:-

Slide master - used by slides 1-7
Title master - used by no slides

When I closed the master toolbar and went back to normal view, slide #1
(content layout) was not changed at all; the others were changed.

Slide #1 was different from the rest; it only had word art and clip art but
NO textbox/placeholder. All the other slides had textbox.

What's going on? Please help!



You have not changed the background of the first slide to something else
accidently, in that case your changes to the master will not reflect on that
slide. PowerPoint assumes that individual changes take precedence over
Master changes. Otherwise you would not have changed it.
You could try this, go to Format - Background - click on the listarrow and
choose Automatic, click Apply. Don't know if it will help.



Thanks for telling me that individual change takes precedence. But I was
not aware that I changed the background color of slide #1. I tried your
suggestion (format - background ......), but no luck.

I did an experiment with slide #1. Since all the other slides that worked
had text and #1 didn't, I decided to insert a text box and some text to slide
#1. I clicked format and font and found that "emboss" was checked. I
unchecked "emboss," and recreated my masters again. #1 still didn't work.

Wish I could show my file to someone.

What else can I check? I appreciate any advice and/or comments.




As I said, I didn't change the background color of slide #1.

BUT, for some reason I had put a check mark beside "omit background graphics
from master."

I didn't see it earlier when I tried your suggestion of format - background

Thank you for your input.



For anyone reading this, there is a very detailed writeup if you click help
within PPT and key in "master" to search. Click "the picture I added to the
master doesn't show on some slides." I only found this out after hours of
problem solving.

Thanks Luc for all your help. I appreciate it very much especially when you
give me step by step instruction.


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