Change linked table destination--Access Link to SQL 2005



I have a access database that has linked tables. Those tables are linked to a
Test sql Server database. Now on my access front end the linked tables have

Now I have Second test Sql Server database thats a copy of the first one,
except instead of having dbo. as the table(dbo.tablename) prefix it has
second.tablename. When I try to use table manager to relink my table to the
second database I can't, because it says cant find dbo.tablename .

I need to point my front end to the second database
So my question is; is there a way to point the tables to the second SQL
database in code? I want to do this because I have relationships on my linked
tables and I want to just point the linked table to another source whose
table structures are the same but the name different.

Michel Walsh

Relationship cannot be automatically maintained across databases. You will
have to get all the tables in one database, or, abandon the relationship,
or, use triggers to ensure integrity.

Vanderghast, Access MVP

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