Change IE 6 Toolbar language



Issue : I work in IBM-Montreal so by law the OS and all apps have to
be French, and apps can later be changed to include English. I work in
the Software Distribution dept and we use a tool called Altiris which
we can only use through IE (page doesn't load properly in firefox).
Now we have IE 6.0 and its in french because of which our work is
getting disrupted because the french measure time in 24h format and we
need it to be in 12h for Altiris to work. The solution earlier was to
upgrade to IE7 and choose english installation and this worked
perfectly until we discovered that as of now we cannot install IE7
yet. Apparently there's still some 'testing' going on, so I'm stuck
with a french IE6 and no way to change the language. Could anyone
please help???

Note : I am not talking about changing the language of webpages or
what's on the address bar. The toolar for "File | Edit | View |
Favourites | Tool" itself is what I want changed to English, please


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm using Windows XP with SP2 and some PCs
have IE6.0 SP1 and some have IE6.0 SP2.

After your reply, I did quite a bit of research on MUIs for the OS
itself and seperately for just the browser. What I found almost
everywhere (and I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am), it
says that MUIs can be installed on computers which have an English OS
to begin with. Same thing with the MUI for IE, it said that this can
be installed on an English version of IE so that I can change language
to whichever I want.

To answer your last question, our IBM download site has only the
french client for download. Yes I have tried an english installation
of IE7.0 which works perfectly, but its not a solution as we're not
supposed to install any application outside of our IBM software
download site.

The problem,however, is that the OS and the apps in these PCs are all
in french and I'd like to make available the English option. I'm still
unable to find a solution :(


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