Change how a Photo Gallery opens a Thumbnail



I have been receiving many complaints recently about how my photogallery's
open and display the pictures. When you click the thumbnail it opens it in
the same window and does not allow a navigation structure to be added. I am
not seeing anyway to adjust how the page will open a thumbnail within a
gallery. The slideshow option would be fabulous except that they only show a
few pictures at a time. Ideally what I would like is to have a photo gallery
open the image in a sub frame instead of the same window. Any ideas? The
photo gallery is very large (first grandson) so it is obviously easier to
utalize the photo gallery option if possible.



E. T. Culling

The FP photogallery is a very poor component and to be avoided. Start here
reading about 'considerations' and then about 'alternatives', such as
Be sure not to put too many thumbnails on a page or it will take forever to
load. Also be sure that you have resized and optimized all your photos as

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