Change General format to Date format



I have 20061030 in a cell that is formatted as general. How do I change this
into date format like 10/30/2006? If I format cell and select date then it
gives me #############.




Hi try this in an adjacent cell and copy down

this assume that you will also have value such as : 20090501 for
1st May 2009
Hope this is helpful

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Jacob Skaria

You can try the below to convert the entire column at a stretch.

Select the column.
From Data menu select 'Text-to-Columns' option...
Hit Next...Next will take you to Step 3 of the Wizard
Select Column data format as 'Date'
Select the format in which your data is (YMD)
Hit Finish.

Excel now converts all the text dates to the date format.

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