change default highlight color excel 2007



I'm looking from the actual MS experts for this as my time spent
googling/searching/binging hasn't netted me an answer.

How can I change the default highlight color in Excel 2007? It's visible
(somewhat) on my monitor but impossible when viewed on a projector. And
considering I train staff members in my district; they feel lost when they
can't see exactly what they should.

Thanks in advance,


I just tested this in XL03 and it works, so it should be OK in 07.

The idea is that this kind of thing is determined by windows rather than by
Excel, so you need to play with the windows settings.

close excel
Right click on desktop
item: selected item
.... and play with the colour


I should've posted that I've seen this suggested numerous times as well, but
it hasn't solved my issue yet. I wonder if it's an Office 07 with Windows XP
issue. Perhaps changing the display settings in Vista (color scheme) has
different effects that are easier to see the results of the change. *shrug*

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