Change DC IP address


G Cook

Are there any complications in changing a DC's IP
address? Will a reboot after changing the address
automatically update the DNS records. Obviously DHCP
stuff needs to be changed. Will WINS update
automatically too after reboot.

What is the recommened way to do this?


G Cook



Tim Hines [MSFT]

The only complication would be old SRV and host records in DNS. The
netlogon service should deregister these records and then register the new
records on boot. When you make the change make sure that the old records
are no longer in DNS and that the new records are there. If the DC points
to itself for DNS it may fail to register the records on boot because the
DNS service may not be started when netlogon attempts to register the
records. You may see the error in this article "259277 Troubleshooting
Netlogon Event 5774, 5775, and 5781". The netlogon service will
attempt to register them later after boot but you can force this by
restarting the netlogon service. You should also run ipconfig /registerdns
to make sure that the host record is updated. The WINS record should be
updated as well but I suggest that you verify that the records are there and
that the old ones nolonger exist.

Tim Hines, MCSE, MCSA
Windows 2000 Directory Services

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