Change code with code?



Hi All.....
I've got 31 Excel .xlsm files to modify the "Change Event" macro in. Is it
possible to open and perform this with code, or must I do each one by hand?

Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3


If it is the same change in each sheet, it would probably be just as easy to
go into the VBE, double click on the first sheet, make the correction, then
copy that correction and double click the second sheet, delete and paste.
Repeat the process 30 times. Takes less time than writing the code to do


I've personally stolen several sections from Chip's site to use - they work
rather well (certainly better than I was doing with the effort before finding
Chip's pages <g>).

P.S. Thanks Chip, for making me look so good at times!

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