CF 2 framework deploy fails on K JAM ROMs



okay, very frustrating situation. I had CF 2.0 working great with MDA
Vario(HTC Wizard200 w/omap) test ROMs but got tired of all the general phone
bugs . Just switched to imate Kjam build Phone works much better,
but now I get the old 'Installation up space' thing when I try to
reinstall CF.

Anyway, i've tried all the googable remedies, no luck. I've tried both the
msi and cab installation methods, same errors. Here's the .net install log

25/11/2005 23:36:45: Querying version of file '\Windows\cgacutil.exe'.
25/11/2005 23:36:45: Version determined to be: 1.0.4292.0.
25/11/2005 23:36:45: Get version completed.
25/11/2005 23:36:45: Shared files version verification: failed.
25/11/2005 23:36:45: Verification failed. Installation aborted.

Cab file is - from the VS2005 .net cf sdk dist.

any suggestions greatly appreciated. I can't revert back to old roms thus
can't get any work done at this point.






Go ahead and ignore my previous post. It loads fine now...have no idea why.
The only change I made was installing a collection of bogus free ppc utility

So much for the value of having a virgin environment..



Ilya Tumanov [MS]

Have you reformatted storage after ROM update?
Also, please post full log file as failure happened in another place, it
just was detected in final verification. Thanks.

Best regards,


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